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Healthcare costs are a key concern for many people with blood cancer. Many patients don't have health insurance, and for others, coverage is limited. You and your family need to decide how to pay for treatment while managing household finances. You probably need to consider additional indirect costs, such as lost time from work, child care and travel expenses.

Where to Start

Many excellent guides and tools are available to help you work through these challenges and explore available resources. Start by taking the following steps to manage your finances before, during and after treatment:

  • Speak with your doctor and ask for a treatment timeline.
  • Become familiar with your insurance plan's oncology benefits, mail-order pharmacy benefits, preauthorization, referral and claims appeal rules.
  • Assess your anticipated medical expenses and whether your income might be reduced.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Speak with creditors early if you expect difficulty making payments.
  • Check to see whether you have home mortgage or car payment insurance to help cover expenses during your illness.
  • Take advantage of disability plans if needed during your treatment and recovery.
  • Seek access to co-payment programs that help insured patients meet their pharmaceutical co-payment expenses.

Helpful Resources

We're Here to Help

Call an Information Specialist at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) at (800) 955-4572 for guidance about health insurance, government programs, disability benefits, financial assistance programs and health advocacy. Your LLS chapter can help you connect with local LLS programs and community resources. Financial assistance may be available to you through the LLS Co-Pay Assistance Program. For additional financial assistance resources, click here

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