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Hodgkin Lymphoma

The information in this section about Hodgkin lymphoma can help you talk with members of your healthcare team and take an active role in your treatment. Knowing what to expect and being able to make informed decisions about your cancer treatment are important aspects of coping with your disease. You can skim sections to find what you want to read now - and continue reading whenever you're ready for more information.

What You Should Know

  • Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system.
  • Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most curable forms of cancer.
  • Hematologists and oncologists are specialists who treat people who have Hodgkin lymphoma or other types of blood cancer.
  • Treatment includes radiation, chemotherapy or both, depending on individual patient factors.

What You Should Do

  • Talk with your doctor about your diagnostic tests and what the results mean.
  • Be sure you know your Hodgkin lymphoma subtype - different subtypes have different treatments.

What Is Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. It's one of the most curable forms of cancer.

Hodgkin lymphoma is named for Dr. Thomas Hodgkin, who first noted a trend of cancer cases in the lymph nodes in 1832. The disease was called Hodgkin's disease until it was officially renamed Hodgkin lymphoma in the late 20th century.

Source: Hodgkin Lymphoma. Reviewed by Carla Casulo, MD and Lynn Rich, MS, NP.

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