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Disease Information & Support

For information about your disease, support and managing your cancer, click here.

Online Chats

To chat with others and offer mutual support by participating in our weekly CML, young adult and caregiver online chats, click here.

CML Blog

To read and comment on others' experiences and thoughts about key issues for CML survivors, click here.

Discussion Boards

To share and discuss information with others who are going through experiences similar to yours, click here.

The Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program

To participate in this peer-to-peer program that matches newly diagnosed patients and their families with trained volunteers who have been touched firsthand by a blood cancer and shared similar experiences, click here.

My CML Tracker Pages 

To keep track of appointments, questions for your doctor, medications, side effects, test results and notes, click here to download the PDF or order a copy of My CML Tracker Pages

Education Programs

To check for upcoming, free telephone/web education programs, click here.

To register for free education programs in your community, click here.

To access virtual lectures, audio replays, written transcripts and/or program slides from past education programs, click here.


To view videos about survivorship, financial health matters, disease updates and other topics, click here.

Free Education Materials

To access education materials about chronic myeloid leukemia, click the links below.
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
The CML Guide: Information for Patients and Caregivers
Understanding Leukemia

To download or order other booklets and fact sheets in English and Spanish with disease, treatment and support information, click here.

"What is my PCR?" Campaign

The "What is MY PCR?" campaign aims to increase awareness of the need to monitor CML treatment and the right of every patient to know their test results. Visit the "What is MY PCR?" website for information about PCR, resources for patients, a way for organizations to partner in the campaign, and information about how to request your free "What is MY PCR?" buttons.

Free eNewsletters

To sign up to receive monthly eNewsletters to keep you informed about the latest research and studies as well as LLS events and programs, click here.

FAQs and Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Team

For answers to frequently asked questions, and printable lists of questions to ask your healthcare team, click here.

Suggested Reading

For a list of books recommended for patients, caregivers, children and teens, click here.

Other Helpful Organizations

For an extensive directory of national and international organizations that can help with cancer-related issues like financial assistance, support and counseling, assistance with transportation and summer camps, click here.

Spanish Resources

To access information in Spanish, click here.

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