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Hannah Miller - Burkitt Lymphoma Survivor


"Friends and family stood by me through my treatment."

Hannah Miller | Burkitt Lymphoma Survivor

As a busy college student, Hannah is focused on attending her business and art classes - a very different world than the cancer one she was a part of just a few short years ago. At 13-years-old, Hannah was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, and went on to battle it successfully a second time. When she thinks back to the experience, she says that the hardest thing for her was dealing with the side effects of treatment, but she was able to get through it because her friends and family stood by her every step of the way. Hannah still experiences lingering side effects, but it's not the same as when she was facing cancer head-on. Her focus these days is to get through all those classes, maybe attend graduate school, then one day move to Europe where she can live her dreams.

last updated on Friday, February 25, 2011

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