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Financial Matters

The many challenges of a blood cancer diagnosis include managing your household finances and healthcare insurance and understanding your rights in the workplace as a cancer survivor or a caregiver.

Applying for health insurance or filing health insurance claims can be a full-time job and extremely overwhelming to a person undergoing cancer treatment. There are many excellent guides and tools available to help patients and their families in working through these challenges and determining which resources are available to them.

Patients can call on volunteers for support to assist them in managing the maze of health insurance claims, keeping organized records and filing appeals if needed. Many people will come forward when a person is diagnosed and ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?" There are many tedious yet important tasks in keeping health insurance claims in order. Passing them off to a trusted relative or friend can reduce an enormous burden for a patient.

Information and resources regarding insurance, managed care and employment issues are provided in Insurance and Employment.

Financial Aid

Co-Pay Assistance Program
LLS's Co-Pay Assistance Program offers financial support toward the cost of insurance co-payments and/or insurance premium costs for prescription drugs. Patients must qualify both medically and financially for this program. Access the Copayment Assistance Resource Guide for Blood Cancer Patients for additional co-pay assistance resources.

last updated on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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