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As re-enrollment for insurance under the Affordable Care Act approaches in November, LLS will continue to be a resource to our patients. 

We'll be regularly updating our blog, answering your questions via any calls we receive to our Information Resource Center and sharing news coverage regarding how cancer patients are being affected by the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  

Keep in mind, while open enrollment is now closed for 2014, if you do experience a life changing event during the year such as a job loss, divorce, or pregnancy, the law would still allow you to purchase coverage in the health insurance marketplaces. Open enrollment for 2015 starts November 15th, 2014.

LLS is committed to removing access barriers for our patients.  If you've purchased a marketplace plan and have experienced an access barrier such as high treatment costs, a lack of access to your provider or hospital, or a delay in getting timely care, please share your story with us at missioncommunications@lls.org.  Making your voice heard can really make a difference! 

Milliman Report on Healthcare Exchanges in Seven States

As part of LLS's efforts to help educate patients about the Affordable Care Act, we have commissioned a report that provides an early look at the 2014 individual benefit designs, coverage benefits and premiums for policies sold on seven state health insurance exchanges - California, New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan and Washington. Narrow networks and high cost-sharing are among the concerns raised by the report. Click here to view the full Milliman Report on Healthcare Exchanges in Seven States.

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