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Oregon Blood Cancer Conference

Saturday April 26, 2014
Oregon Convention Center, Meeting Rooms D

Registration is required. Please RSVP to Sue Sumpter RN, MS at 971-230-2185 or sue.sumpter@lls.org

Parking at Convention Center will be validated
Lunch and refreshments provided


8:00             Registration


8:30             Welcome and Mission Moment   D  meeting  rooms 113-116

                     Sue Sumpter RN, MS, Senior  Manager, Patient Access, Education and Advocacy 
                     Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


9:00-9:45    New Hope for the Future: Promising Blood Cancer Research  -- D meeting  rooms 113-116
Deborah E. Banker, PhD, Vice President, Research Communication,
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


9:50-10:50   Track 1  Lymphomas: Review and Update -- D meeting  rooms 113-116
Dr Andy Chen, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Track 2  Complementary Medicine for Cancer Patients -- D meeting rooms 110-112
                    Joe Bubalo Pharm D, BCOP, BCOP,  OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


10:55-11:55 Track 1 Cancer Treatment--How to Make Informed Choices about Standard Care and Clinical Trials  -- D meeting rooms 113-116

                      Dr Chris Yasenchak, Compass Oncology 
Track 2  Understanding Blood Counts and Imaging Tests --  D  meeting rooms 110-   112
                      Mark Browne RN, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


12:00-1:00 Lunch ?    D meeting  rooms 113-116


1:00-2:00  Track 1 Myeloma: Review and Update -- D meeting  rooms 113-116         
                 Dr Jeffrey  Menashe, Compass Oncology
Track 2  Lifestyle and Nutrition?s  Role in Cancer Survivorship --   D meeting  rooms 110-112
                 Dr Miles Hassell, Providence St Vincents Cancer Center


2:00-3:00 Track 1 Acute Leukemias : Review and Update --  D  meeting  rooms 113-116
Dr Elie Traer, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Track 2  Healthy Survivorship: What You Need to Know    D  meeting rooms 110-112
Reza Antoszewska MS, ANP, Legacy Cancer Healing Center


3:00-4:00   Track 1 Chronic Leukemias --  D  meeting rooms 113-116
Dr John Godwin, Providence Medical Center
Track 2  Coping with Survivorship  -- D  meeting  rooms 110-112
Susan Hedlund MSW, LCSW, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Registration is required.

Please RSVP to Sue Sumpter RN, MS 971-230-2185 or sue.sumpter@lls.org

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