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Advocacy Priorities and Opportunities in Illinois

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LLS uses advocacy to push for a cure, expand healthcare access and enrich the lives of blood cancer patients.    

Local Advocacy Priorities

For more detailed information on these issues, or to get involved, please contact Brian Sladek.

  • Illinois State Health Exchange - The health exchange was mandated as part of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Illinois Insurance Marketplace -
    • The Afforable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama in 2010 and is currently being implemented.
    • One component to the ACA includes creating Health Insurance Marketplaces (formally called Health Insurance Exchanges).
    • The Marketplace will be an online portal where individuals and small businesses can go to compare various insurance plans and rates to determine which plan is best for their individual needs. The State of Illinois, along with the federal government, will provide trained professionals to help people find an affordable, quality health insurance plan.
    • Beginning October 1, 2013, Illinois residents will be able to enroll for health insurance through the Marketplace, with coverage beginning January 1, 2014. To find out more about the Health Insurance Marketplace in Illinois, go to or contact us at (312) 651-7353.
  • Essential Health Benefits (EHB) - EHB refers to the minimum healthcare benefits required for insurance coverage offered on the Health Exchange. LLS believes that all people affected by cancer should have access to affordable, quality cancer care. Therefore, LLS is actively engaged in ensuring that the EHBs consider the rights of those affected by cancer. 
  • Medicaid Expansion - As of June 2012, Medicaid Expansion is at the state's discretion. LLS hopes the State of Illinois will expand Medicaid to provide health coverage to more patients.  

Local Advocacy Victories

In 2011, Illinois passed an "oral parity" law, which requires insurance providers to cover oral chemotherapies at the same rate as intravenous chemotherapies.  

LLS continues to advocate for oral parity nationally and in other states which do not yet require it.

National Advocacy

To receive action alerts and regular e-communications from the LLS Office of Public Policy in Washington, D.C., visit the national advocacy website.

last updated on Friday, April 25, 2014