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What To Know Before You Go

Preparing for Ski4Life!


Funds and Forms: In order to participate in Ski4Life activities, you must have all of your money in by 8 a.m. on the day of the event. Registration and liability forms will be available at the registration table on the day of the event. However, we strongly suggest registering and turning in your money in advance in order to keep the registration process running as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Food: After the Carbo-Load lunch, the Ski4Life tent will be stocked with snacks and water for participants. There will also be a hot lunch and dinner provided for all participants. If you have food allergies or specific dietary needs you should make arrangements for your own meals and snacks.

Clothing: Please be prepared for inclement weather and for Roundtop to be blowing fresh snow. Gloves will get wet, socks and t-shirts will get sweaty (we suggest bringing at least two extra sets of socks and t-shirts). Bring extra long-sleeved shirts, long underwear, and a sweatshirt for off-time so that your body doesn't cool too quickly.

On the Slope: Don't forget your chapstick, sunscreen, camel pack, and goggles or sunglasses. Roundtop Mountain Sports shop will be open during the day on Saturday for any last minute items. Call (717) 432-9633 for hours of operation.

Anything we missed? Most of you have been skiing and snowboarding for a very long time. You know what you need to bring with you to be safe and happy on the slopes, so bring enough of what you need for 8 hours. Remember, overpacking is better than underpacking when it comes to winter weather!

Contact Abigail Curtin at 717-652-6520 or Abigail.Curtin@lls.org with questions and concerns about what to wear and what to bring to the event!

last updated on Friday, December 12, 2014