Who Is Not Eligible for an Award?

Certain circumstances may disqualify an individual or organization from receiving an award from The Leukemia & Lymphona Society (LLS).

Nominees will not be considered for an award if:

  • the nominee is currently receiving funding from LLS
  • the nominee is currently serving as a chair of a national committee or subcommittee
  • the nominee is a current or former employee of LLS

In the above situations, notification to the person making the nomination that the nomination will be held until such time as:

  • the individual's grant has expired
  • the individual no longer serves as a committee chair
  • a period of at least five years has elapsed since the nominee ceased to be employed by LLS

If a nominee has already been the recipient of recognition by virtue of a National Award, absent extraordinary conditions or circumstances, he or she should be ineligible for additional National Award recognition for a period of five years.

last updated on Thursday, January 15, 2015

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