National Recognition & Awards

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS's) National Recognition & Awards Program honors the outstanding accomplishments of the trustees and volunteers who drive our organization.

These awards celebrate the contributions of individuals, clinicians, companies and other groups and organizations who, through their dedicated voluntary efforts, have advanced LLS's mission.

For more information, see Who Is Not Eligible for an Award? and How to Submit a Nomination.

Chairman's Citation

The Chairman's Citation award recognizes:

  • the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have demonstrated significant dedication and commitment to their chapter and are deserving of national recognition
  • a medical institution, organization, social worker or caregiver who has given outstanding support, counsel or guidance to blood cancer patients and their families

Nominations for the Chairman's Citation may be made throughout the year at the community level and for presentation by chapters.

Board Citation

The Board Citation award honors the outstanding efforts of companies, corporations, clubs and organizations that have demonstrated their support of LLS, at either the chapter or national level for at least three years.

The Dr. Kenneth B. McCredie Award

This award honors the late Kenneth B. McCredie, M.D., who was an LLS-funded researcher and a long-time member of the Texas Gulf Coast Office and LLS national boards. The award recognizes the commitment of companies, groups, organizations and individuals who have been major supporters of LLS for at least five years and have raised more than $1 million net.

The Dr. William Dameshek Award

This award honors the late William Dameshek, M.D., who founded the American Society of Hematology and was the first editor of the leading medical journal Blood. The award recognizes a public figure who has used his or her celebrity to aid LLS by helping to focus national attention on blood cancers.

The Dr. John J. Kenny Award

This award honors the late John J. Kenny, M.D., who served as the first chairman of LLS's Patient Services committee. The award recognizes members of the medical community who have contributed to LLS's Research or Patient Services programs.

The Chairman's Advocacy Award

The Chairman's Advocacy Award recognizes individuals whose outstanding participation in LLS's Public Policy/Advocacy activities has increased awareness for LLS and its mission.

Partners Against Blood Cancers Award

The Partners Against Blood Cancers Award recognizes the ongoing financial support and enduring commitment of companies, corporations, clubs and organizations that have a history with LLS of longer than 10 years.

Vision for Life Award

The Vision for Life Award honors a company or an individual who has advanced LLS's mission by looking "outside of the box" to create and help implement a national program, service or fundraising event.

Spiral of Life Award

The Spiral of Life Award honors an individual other than a well-known public figure who has contributed personal and special talents that have resulted in outstanding contributions with national impact to LLS's program.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a company, group or organization whose commitment to LLS exceeds 20 years and who has been responsible for generating a minimum of $20 million in revenue. An individual can also be recognized for longevity in his or her dedication to the advancement of blood cancer research by service on a Grants Review Subcommittee and mentorship of young investigators.

Tree of Life Award

The Tree of Life Award honors an individual who has played a major or lasting role with national impact in improving the quality of life of patients and their families. Nominees are only made by the National Patient Services committee.

Return of the Child Award

The Return of the Child Award honors an individual who has made a major and lasting scientific or humanitarian contribution to the better understanding, management or treatment of blood cancers. Recommendations for the Return of the Child Award are only made by the Mission Oversight committee.

Media Awards

LLS's Media Awards recognize outstanding efforts of the media across the country in educating and informing the public about (in order of importance):

  • LLS and its mission by direct reference to LLS by name
  • leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma
  • clinics or hospitals specializing in the treatment of blood cancers
  • stories about specific patients and/or patient support groups
  • LLS programs
  • LLS fundraising activities and events

Media Eligibility

The following media are eligible for consideration for a Media Award if they have appeared during the 12-month period beginning July 1 and ending the following June 30:


  • Excellence in News Print Media
  • Excellence in Feature Print Media
  • Excellence in Corporate In-House Publications/Newsletters

Television (Broadcast and Cable)

  • Excellence in Community Service
  • Excellence in Fundraising
  • Promotion Excellence


  • Excellence in Community Service
  • Excellence in Fundraising
  • Promotion Excellence

Digital Media

The Excellence in Social Media award recognizes individuals with whom the National Office has built relationships as well as those that are chapter-based.

last updated on Thursday, January 15, 2015

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